Release Notes -

Date of release 2016-12-06
Version number
Modified modules

FormAnalyzer DataBase
FormAnalyzer Scan&Administrator program file
Client Setup

Reason of release New feature release
Release description

The FormAnalyzer Scan&Administrator has a new feature that enables to split existing box into two separate boxes and to merge any list of boxes into a single new box.

Release implementation
  1. Download the database upgrade script see: "SQLUpdate\update_71717.sql" file.
  2. Using isql login as dba to the FormAnalyzer database.
  3. Load and run the script - update_71717.sql.
    ATTANTION: The new split box function will report an error in case the new database script is not loaded!!!
  4. Download the setup release file "FA Client"
  5. Uninstall old version of FormAnalyzer.

    In case some patches were applied make sure the installation folder is deleted - eventually delete the installation folder manually - typical location: "C:\Program Files (x86)\ARHAT\FormAnalyzer"

  6. Unzip the setup client release file. Put the unzipped files in a local folder of the system where you like to install the software.
  7. Run setup.exe and install required FormAnalyzer Modules.
New features

Split Box

Follow the procedure to split a box:

  1. Open the box review window.

  2. Select the first document that should belong to a new box.
  3. Select menu item Edit -> Split Box...

  4. Enter a new box name
  5. Close box review window

  6. Select F5 to refresh the box list.

Merge Box(es)

Follow the procedure to split a box:

  1. Select boxes to merge
  2. Select menu item Edit -> Merge

  3. Give the new box a name and if necessary put the elements for merging in desired order.
  4. Select OK button.