Release Notes -

Date of release 2017-01-18
Version number
Modified modules

FormAnalyzer Designer
FormAnalyzer Verifier
FormAnalyzer Engine
Client Setup

Reason of release New functionality added
Release description

The system has been enhanced to allow the use of various Web Service Security configurations. The possible security scenarios include transport and/or message level security, basic digest or certificate authentication. You may use WSSecurity enabled web services for data validation and data substitutions. 

Define the Web Service Security configurations with the new FA Designer menu item File -> Webservice filters...

Once the desired web service filter configuration is defined all actions addressing a given web service URL will be executed with a defined endpoint and bindings parameters.

Release implementation
  1. Download the setup release file "FA Client"
  2. Uninstall old version of FormAnalyzer.

    In case some patches were applied make sure the installation folder is deleted - eventually delete the installation folder manually - typical location: "C:\Program Files (x86)\ARHAT\FormAnalyzer"

  3. Unzip the setup client release file. Put the unzipped files in a local folder of the system where you like to install the software.
  4. Run setup.exe and install required FormAnalyzer Modules.

This release requires database to be updated to version - see: update_71717.sql script.