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Welcome in ARHAT

We provide services in the implementation of dedicated IT systems and secure data network.

Arhat company specializes in the production and implementation of information systems supporting the processes of digitization of paper documents. Over the past 15 years, our software has helped to move more then pages from paper form to ever available digital data. Our systems operate in both Europe and the America.

The result of our experience is the software package FormAnalyzer.


InvoiceDigitizer is a specialized solution designed
for invoice processing. The purpose of this program
is to reduce the labor intensity of the input of
invoice data to ERP systems and organizing
the work of the tax office.

InvoiceDigitizer provides:
- Document scanning
- Automatic data capture
- Tax data verification and registration
- Image archive search and retrieval

FormAnalyzer benefits

Learn the basic benefits of using FormAnalyzer. 


The system recognizes handwriting, typewriting, barcodes and check boxes. Recognition mechanisms are supported by a number of algorithms, the most important of which are dictionary support, trigrams and connection with external databases.


The software does not contain artificial speed limits, the licenses do not depend on the number of processed documents.


The core of the system remains a stable, transactional database, only authorized users have access to the system.


The read data is controlled by validation procedures, checking their compliance with the substantive assumptions.


Multiple workstations of the same type can operate in one system installation, the work between them is evenly distributed by the system.


The mechanism of defining the document in the system allows you to describe virtually any type of document.


The system has been operating flawlessly for years in all installed installations.

InvoiceDigitizer benefits

Learn the basic benefits of using InvoiceDigitizer.


Both central and distributed scanning supported

Automatic data capture

The automatic reading of invoice data like invoice number, date of issue, tax id numbers, values of transaction etc.


The OCR read data may be manually verified and presented for tax registration.

Image archive

The web interface allows search and retrieval of invoice images.

Our clients

Our services are used by:

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What characterizes the company Arhat?

Check what we can offer you.

IT Services

We have years of experience in the production of dedicated systems used by both public administrations and private companies. We provide services for both software requirement development and the full cycle of software design, development, implementation and maintenance services.

Our experience says that the functional requirements of IT systems are subject to constant change. Hence, in our projects we follow the principles of SCRUM and the software we create is open to future changes in requirements.


The recipients of our software were / are, among others: the central public administration offices, banks, insurance companies, judiciary, telecommunications operators and financial services companies.



All work is carried out by the task dedicated teams of specialists with high professional qualifications interacting with each other using methodologies such as SCRUM.

Databases: Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL
Back-End Services technologies: ASP.NET, WCF, Tomcat, JBoss
User interface - Windows platform: WPF, C#, WinAPI, etc.
WEB interface: AngularJS, JQuery, HTML5, ASP.NET, etc.
Mobile: Cordova, IONIC, PhoneGap, Angular, etc.

ARHAT Sp. z o.o. 
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